Limited number of work permits for J1 visa students in Summer 2012.

Dear employers, as Department of state has limited number of DS-forms (j1 program participant work permit) which can be potentially issued to j1 visa students taking part in Summer 2012 Work and Travel program, we recommend to post your jobs and secure summer staff as early as possible. Students are hiring to reserve a place, so DS forms will run out fast.

Secure your international staff now!

With  urge you to start considering international students now. You can start choosing best candidates for your business up to 6 months before they start working. Students start applying to the Work and Travel program 7-9 months before their actual arrival date, so we recommend to make an approximation of how many positions you will need and start considering resumes. Contact us to provide job description by email, Skype or phone call, or post your job now and we'll start sending you resumes with photos and you-tube self presentations of suitable candidates, willing to take the position. Selected ones will call you to be interviewed. And that's it! On agreed date students arrive with all legal documentation and start working! We provide on-going support during entire employment period.

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