About “Work and Travel USA” (J1 Visa) Program.

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"Work and Travel USA"

Program designed by the U.S. Department of State to promote intercultural friendship and learning. The program provides U.S. employers with seasonal staffing solution,while allowing international university students to visit the U.S. by working and traveling during their summer vacations.


"J1 Visa" Students

University students back home in their countries, from 18 to 28 years old with an intermediate-advanced level of English. Students are bilingual and many of them speak even 3 or 4 languages. Most of international j1 visa students have general / retail / amusement parkcustomer service / food&beverage / hospitality or other work experience. Many have driver’s license. These foreign students come to USA on J1 Visa to work for a maximum of 4 months each season and travel for 2 weeks after work is done.


Legal Documentation

Students have J-1 visa, DS-2019 form, they apply for a Social Security card upon arrival. Students are authorized to work even before the SSN is issued. We will provide your accountant with detailed instructions how to process their documents. It's really simple.


Length Of Program. Seasons. Participating countries

Students can work up to 4 months. But you can also meet your year round needs, hiring students three times a year, because summer vacation periods differ by countries. Upon expiration of their 4-month visa, students are granted a 30-day travel period by the U.S.government. Although they are no longer authorized to work, this period allows them to further explore the U.S. before they return home.

 Summer. Start: mid May- mid Jun/end: 1st October. Students from Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Belarus, Moldova, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Poland), Asia (China, Korea, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Thailand), Africa (Nigeria, Ghana) and South America(Colombia).

 Winter.Start: mid Nov-mid Dec/end: mid Mar-mid Apr. Students from South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru), Australia and South Africa.

 Spring.1) Start : Feb. 1st-Feb-Feb 15th / end: May 1st-May 15th. Students from Ecuador.
                      2) Start : mid Mar- start of April /end: mid Jun-start of July. Students from Thailand and Philippines.


Types Of Positions

Entry-level.Positions include, but are not limited to: Housekeeping, Ride Operators, Retail Staff, Food Servers, Wait Staff, Maintenance,Kitchen Help, Dishwashing, Cashiers, Fast Food Workers, Laundry Attendants, Hotel Desk Clerks, Lifeguards, Parking Attendants, etc. Find out more about seasonal and year round jobs, that foreign j1 workers can take.


Employer Benefits

1.You get young, motivated, hardworking, bilingual students in your team, having all legal documentation

2.Save 8% on payroll taxes hiring our international j1 visa students!

3.Enjoy our free staffing service. No costs for employers! You only pay j1 students wages.

4.You bring diversity to you company, international experience and knowledge can open new prospective for your business!

5.Hiring with Wollt is easy. All legal questions have been taken care of. You just select whom you want to hire.

Discover more employer benefits here!


Employer Costs

There is no charge for employers who participate in the program. Students pay their own placement fees, housing and transportation costs.You only pay students wages.


Why wait? You can start choosing best candidates for your business up to 6 months before they start working. We are already placing students for 2011 season! Students start applying to the Work and Travel program 7-9 months before their actual arrival date, so we recommend to make an approximation of how many positions you will need and start considering resumes. Contact us to provide job description by email, Skype or phone call, or post your job now and we'll start sending you resumes with photos of appropriate candidates, willing to take the position. You will consider candidates. Selected ones will call you to be interviewed. And that's it! On agreed date students arrive with all legal documentation and start working!

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