Hire Foreign J1 Visa Students. Best “Seasonal Workers” Program. Promote Intercultural Exchange & Friendship!

Does your US based business have a need for seasonal (winter, spring or summer) employees, that can work longer dates, will bring their international experience and interested to learn best USA work practices through hard work? This is "Work and Travel USA" program, designed by the US Dept. of state to promote intercultural exchange. You can benefit from covering your seasonal staffing needs by hiring energetic, intelligent international students with a J1 Visa who speak English and are willing and motivated to learn best working practices in the United States. Students are available almost any time of the year. Summer students arrive from Europe and Asia in May/June and stay till September/October. Winter season (December to March/April) welcomes students from South America and South Africa. Spring program runs from March till June/July, this is when J1 visa students from Thailand and Philippines work in USA. Hire foreign J1 visa students, participating in Summer, Winter or Spring "Work and Travel" program, with us and you will get great, English-speaking workers in your team, enjoy our free service, save payroll taxes. More employer benefits here.

Benefits for US Employers and Students

Besides promoting cultural values, such exchange program as "Work and Travel" has obvious material benefits for both employers and international students. With WOLLT employers enjoy free recruiting service, covering their seasonal and year round staffing needs with great hardworking, bilingual j1 visa students and saving payroll taxes. Because of students' temporary status in USA ,American Employers can legally save 7.79% off their total payroll expenses simply by hiring J1 students. As any employees, foreign students are required to pay Federal, State and local taxes, but they are exempt from paying Medicare, Social Security or Federal Unemployment tax. For students main benefits are as follows: International students earn money to pay their university studies and get a chance to travel around USA after employment is over. More information about j1 employer advantages.

Simple recruitment process

It's very easy to hire foreign workers, holding J1 visa, with Wollt. You provide us a simple job description, we pass it to students, they consider promoted job. Then we send you profiles of appropriate students, willing to take the job, who possess desirable English level. You choose among candidates. Then selected students call you to be interviewed, and you make the final decision. Simple as that! No program fees, no risks, everything is simple and convenient at the same time. On agreed date students arrive with all legal documents and start working. More details on how to hire.

Free Service – No hidden costs. +Save Taxes!

Our service is free for employers and you save up to 8% in payroll taxes hiring students with J1 visa. You only pay j1 students wages. Students pay their own placement fees and transportation costs.

Why wait? You can start choosing best candidates for your business up to 6 months before they start working. We are already placing students for 2014 season! Students start applying to the Work&Travel program 7-9 months before their actual arrival date, so we recommend to make an approximation of how many positions you will need and start considering resumes. Contact us to provide job description by email, Skype or phone call, or post your job now and we'll start sending you resumes with photos of appropriate candidates, willing to take the position. You will consider candidates. Selected ones will call you to be interviewed. And that's it! On agreed date students arrive with all legal documentation and start working!